William Bozeman and Associates, LLC is a professional research, development, and evaluation firm. Dr. Bozeman and his associates are nationally respected professionals who have significant training, skills, and experience in educational leadership, program and grant evaluation, school improvement strategies, and program design. The combined assets of these associates result in an outstanding team with many diverse skills and specializations including survey development, data analysis, experimental designs, performance measurement, and change and improvement systems.

External Evaluations

Our program evaluation services provide assurance and enhancement in the quality of your project or organization. We work hand in hand with you and your team to help identify your project and/or organization goals and monitor your progress toward these goals. Our approach is to assist you in achieving your goals. As we collect data, information, and evidence about your project or organization, we provide you with reporting that is accurate, pertinent and that addresses the unique qualities of your organization.

More Information: Internal versus External Evaluators

Program Planning

Our team of professionals represents a variety of educational backgrounds and experience in national and international education. Our skills and experience range from leadership development programs to the feasibility of offering programs related to global studies. We offer services in organizational strategic planning and customer or market focus.

Grants Development

Our team includes accomplished writers who have written many successful state and federal grant proposals. We will provide language for the evaluation section of proposals for our client organizations. We will also provide grant writing services at little or no cost to organizations who agree to utilize our evaluation services.

Institutional Improvement

The concept of quality enhancement is at the heart of William Bozeman and Associates’ philosophy. Our organization can help guide educational organizations through accreditation processes. Through a well-designed and focused course of action, issues related to enhancing student learning will contribute to institutional improvement.

International Education

We provide assistance in the evaluation of global perspectives of public school systems, private schools, institutions of higher education, and private organizations and the design of comprehensive internationalization plans to internationalize these organizations.

William Bozeman and Associates can assist organizations, national departments of education, and other educational organizations in identifying and investigating the feasibility of offering programs relating to:
  • Technical training
  • Curriculum development and programs that promote global understanding
  • Partnership building for global exchange
  • International linkages
  • Professional development for global competencies
  • Program evaluation

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